Extensive Marginalia in Old Japanese Medical Books

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Preface (Japanese)
Preface (English)
The Japanese and the Chinese chronological systems

Illustrations accompanying the text of the investigated books

Title of the investigated books:
Chen Shigong (Chin Jikkō), Geka Seisō, 外科正宗,
‘Genuine Surgery’
Hua Shou, Jūshikei Hakki, 十四経発揮, ‘Elucidation of the Fourteen Meridians and Their Function’
Tanimura Gensen, Jūshikei Hakki Shō, 十四経発揮鈔, ‘Commentary on the Elucidation of the Fourteen Meridians and Their Function’
Kagawa Gen’etsu, San Ron, 産論, ‘Treatise of Obstetrics’
Kagawa Shikei, San Ron Yoku, 産論翼, ‘Explanation of the San Ron’
Katakura Kakuryō, Sanka Hatsumō, 産科発蒙, ‘Enlightenment in Obstetrics’
Sugita Ryūkei, Ganka Shinsho, 眼科新書, ‘A New Book of Eye Diseases’
Yu Tuan, Igaku Seiden, 医学正傳, ‘Ortodox Medicine’

Appendix: Imaginary meeting in a teahouse, in the neighbourhood of Kyōto, during the last years of the eighteenth century, of a Dutch surgeon, on his way back from Edo to Nagasaki, with a Japanese physician, practicing at the Imperial Court, an enthusiastic annotator of his books.

Selected Bibliography
Index of Names

This book of 267 pages, in hard-cover and with dust-jacket, with 46 coloured illustrations, analyzes the extensive manuscript notes in eight important Japanese books of medicine of the Edo Period, involving surgery (外科医), acupuncture (針), obstetrics (産科醫), ophthalmology (眼科醫),and internal medicine (内科醫). The following titles are addressed in the book: Geka Seiso (外科正宗), Jushikei Hakki (十四経発揮), Jushikei Hakki Sho (十四経発揮鈔), San Ron (産論), San Ron Yoku (産論翼), Sanka Hatsumo (産科発蒙), Ganka Shinsho (眼科新書) and Igaku Seiden (医学正伝).

The main text is followed by a very extensive appendix (付録) in which the author describes an imaginary meeting in Kyoto, at the end of the 18th century, between a Dutch physician and an important Japanese physician, practicing at the Imperial Court.

In order to compile his work, professor Lukacs travelled many times to Japan, doing research in the major medical libraries of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Gifu. The subject of the analysis of marginal notes in Japanese books, sheds light on the reading habits of the intellectuals of the Edo Period, is a totally new field and in this respect the work is highly innovative. The book has been prefaced by Professor Briot (Paris), both in Japanese and in English.

Professor Gabor Lukacs, extensively lectured in the past in many Japanese universities and published in 2008 another important book about the history of Japanese medicine, entitled: “Kaitai Shinsho (解体新書), The single most famous Japanese book of medicine & Geka Soden (外科宗伝), An early very important manuscript on surgery”

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