Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery: An Update 2017

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It was a great privilege and honour for me and my deputy chairman Professor Chris Raine to host the 10th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery (Chole2016) in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Council of the British Society of Otology has helped me tremendously in the preparation of this conference. Over 1000 delegates from 54 countries attended Chole2016 on 5-8 June 2016.

The scientific programme included 12 keynote lectures on the basic science of chronic ear diseases; 23 national symposium; 41 round tables; two live temporal bone dissections; 14 video instructional sessions; 18 free paper sessions and poster presentations. I sincerely thank all the faculties who contributed to the scientific programs and also the delegates who provided a lively discussion during the scientific sessions. It was the exchange of knowledge between the speakers and the delegates that makes the conference so worthwhile to me.

The aim of Chole2016 was to:

  • Bring basic science on chronic ear diseases to the clinicians.
  • Achieve consensus in definitions, classification and staging of cholesteatoma.
  • The first aim was fulfilled by a scientific programme that focused keynotes sessions on basic sciences. These proved delegates with a fascinating insight into the cellular biology, the role of chronic inflammation, genetic advances, middle ear mechanics/physiology, bacteriology, stem cell research and novel imaging technologies in the context of cholesteatoma. At Chole2016, the joint EAONO/JOS consensus document was presented to the international scientific community for the first time. It led to a lively and productive discussion. A consensus document on classification and staging of cholesteatoma has since been produced.
    The Proceedings of Chole2016 is available in paper book as well an-PDF (enhanced PDF with links) and EPUB (optimized for tablets). The electronic versions are freely downloadable for all. If you want a copy (paper book) Kugler Publications can also provide POD (Publishing on Demand) copies for a reasonable price.
    Finally, I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you at the 11th Conference in Shanghai in 2020!

    Matthew Yung

Matthew Yung

The variable clinical presentation of tuberculosis otitis media and the importance of early detection Generoso
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Hearing loss and retraction pockets
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Simple underlay myringoplasty
Yu Yuasa

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