Finger’s Essential Ophthalmic Oncology

Editor: Paul T. Finger

Associate Editors: Harsha Reddy, Anna Pavlick, Wolfgang A.G. Sauerwein and Ankit Singh Tomar

This textbook was written and edited by a community of eye cancer specialists. It offers a combination of mainstream and unique “community” opinions usable by the wider ophthalmic oncology community. The reader will find that each chapter goes beyond basic diagnosis and treatment to reveal a synthesis of that knowledge, as exemplified by the incorporated “mind-map” decision making flow charts created to aid your treatment decisions. It includes new and exciting chapters on informed consent, surgical techniques, international outreach, and future directions. Finger’s Essential Ophthalmic Oncology was edited and reviewed by a broad spectrum of subspecialists to be useful for all eye care specialists It includes essential information that will be helpful for pediatric, adult, and radiation oncologists.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-290-4
Details: Hard cover, US letter format, full color, richly illustrated, mind maps. 800+ pages
Expected sales price: euro 250.00
Available: Summer 2024



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