GATT: Gonioscopy Assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy

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There is a worldwide need for an efficient, cost-effective, bleb-less glaucoma procedure that safely and successfully lowers intraocular pressure while improving outflow through the natural outflow channels. As the enthusiasm for GATT grows, we are grateful to each of the authors of this book for graciously sharing their collective wisdom with the international audience to continue to foster global education and collaboration, specifically in terms of ab interno circumferential trabeculectomy.

Each contributor to this book represents an international lighthouse, or GATT-beacon, that serves as a guide to surgically reduce the global burden of blindness from glaucoma. It is only through thoughtful, synergistic global collaboration that we can work to improve surgical glaucoma care and continue to innovate. GATT is just another step in the continuum of innovative, cost-effective angle surgery; we hope this book serves as inspiration for future generations of ophthalmologists to improve canal-based surgery on a global basis.




About the Editors

About the Authors

Definition of GATT

1. Introduction: a brief history of GATT
Ronald L. Fellman, Davinder
S. Grover

2. Rationale for canal-based surgery
Sayoko Moroi, Murray Johnstone

3. Preoperative assessment for canal-based glaucoma surgery
Sheybani, Khin P. Kilgore

4. GATT: basic steps and tools
Matthew E. Emanuel, David G. Godfrey

5. GATT circumferential pearls
Craig J. Chaya, Ryan T. Wallace

6. Pearls for teaching learners how to perform GATT
Hady Saheb,
Raageen Kanjee

7. Intraoperative assessment of the trabecular outflow pathway: the episcleral
venous fluid wave
Daniel S. Petkovsek, Marlene R. Moster

8. Prevention and management of intraoperative and postoperative complications
specific to GATT
Edward Moss, Andrew Crichton, James Taylor

9. Postoperative care of GATT patients
Davinder S. Grover, Ronald
L. Fellman

10. GATT international experience: Turkey
Zeynep Aktas, Ahmet
Yucel Ucgul

11A. GATT international experience: Brazil
Victor Cvintal

11B. GATT international experience: Chile
Eugenio J. Maul, Sr.,
Eugenio A. Maul

11C. GATT international experience: Peru
Walter Sanchez Reyes

12. GATT international experience: Africa
Oluwatosin Smith, Jonathan
Pons, Adunola Ogunro

13A. GATT international experience: India
Swati Upadhyaya

13B. GATT international experience: Pakistan
Mahnaz Naveed Shah

14. Keys to combining GATT with cataract surgery
Daniel I. Bettis

15. Childhood glaucoma experience
Ta Chen Peter Chang

16. Secondary canalogenesis after circumferential trabeculotomy in the
infant eye
Michelle R. Butler, Davinder S. Grover, Ronald L. Fellman

17. GATT and secondary glaucomas
Michelle R. Butler, Oluwatosin
U. Smith

18. GATT: published outcomes
Helen L. Kornmann, Shivani Kamat

19. The hemi-GATT
Abdullah Al-Ani, Michael Penny, Derek Waldner,
Matthew B. Schlenker, Patrick Gooi

20. Efficacy of GATT compared to trabeculectomy
Luigi Fontana,
Michele De Maria

21. Cost-effectiveness of GATT compared to other MIGS
Bryce Ford

22. Teaching models for GATT
Michael Penny, Abdullah Al-Ani,
Derek Waldner, Matthew B. Schlenker, Patrick Gooi

23. Correlation of post-surgical angle anatomy with method of trabeculotomy

Manjool Shah, Arsham Sheybani, Davinder S. Grover, Ronald Fellman

24. Wound healing following circumferential trabeculotomy
L. Fellman, Davinder S. Grover, Lauren S. Dhar

25. The future of trabeculotomy
Ronald L. Fellman, Davinder S.

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