The History of Ophthalmology – The Monographs (12): Art & Ophthalmology: The Impact of Eye Diseases on Painters

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Portraits of Painters wearing Glasses


The Wearing of Glasses for Presbyopia in a Self-portrait

The Heteroportraits

Diagnosis of the Type of Refractive Error according to the Portraits of the Painters

Population Study

First Period: before 1800

Second Period: after 1800

United Kingdom

The Diagnosis of the Type of Refractive Error

From Charles Gleyre in the East to the Paris of Camille Pissarro

Constraints Created by Dacryocystitis

The Parisian Peregrinations of Camille Pissarro

Rodolphe Bresdin’s Rabbit and the Tapestry of Aristide Maillol

Curable Forms of Blindness

Cataract and Painting

How do Modifications in Lens Structure alter the Optical Properties of the Crystalline Lens?

How does Alteration in Optical Properties disturb the Visual Function of the Crystalline Lens?

Retina adapts to Changes in the Color of the Lens

Cataract and Metamerism

Cataract in the History of Painting

Cataract Research in Painters of the Renaissance Period and the Baroque

The Aphakic Painters

Aphakic Painters in the History of Art

How Monet’s Cataract developed

Monet’s Color Vision while his Cataract was developing

The Aphakia of Claude Monet

The Effects of Aphakia on Monet’s Painting

Monet’s Colors after he became Aphakic


The Toads of Rodolphe Töpffer and the Bird of Edvard Munch

Analysis of Munch’s Entoptic Visual Phenomenon

Color Vision Deficiencies

The Influence of the Hereditary Dyschromatopsias on Painting

Paintings produced spontaneously by Congenitally Color-blind Artists

The Legend of the total Colorblindness of Eugène Carrière

The Problem of Constable

Artistic Behavior of Color-blind Persons

Congenitally Color-blind Persons in the History of Art

The Congenital color-blindness of Meryon

Meryon as Engraver

Paris in Black and White by Charles Meryon

Congenitally Color-blind Artists in the 20th Century

Congenital Color-blindness and Art Criticism

Acquired Retinopathies

Procedures used by Degas to Compensate for his Poor Eyesight

Defective Eyesight and Degas’ Art

Evolution of the Degas Technique

Diabetes and Painting

The Eyes of Older Painters

The Normal Effects of Age on Vision

How can we define “Age-related Pictorial Style”?

Experimental Study of the Style of Painting in Old Age

Age-related Ocular Pathology and Painting

ARMD in the History of Painting

Old Age and Creativity

Octogenarian Painters

Nonagenarian Painters

Neurology and Painting

Pathology of the Optic Pathways and Painting


The Optic Neuropathies

Pathology in the Optic Chiasm

Intoxications and Painting

Visual Pathology of the Cerebral Cortex and Painting

Ophthalmic Migraine and Painting


Cerebral Achromatopsia

The Strange Blindness of Lemordant

The Problem of Lemordant’s Blindness

Painters with strabismus

Identification of Strabismic Painters

Clinical Features of Strabismus in Pictures

The Corneal Reflex

Bifoveal Fixation in Self-Portraiture

Strabismic Painters in the History of Art

What is the Role of a Change in Binocularty for the Strabismic Painter

One-eyed Painters

Paintings done by Monophthalmic Artists

Blindness of the Painters

Blind Painters in Art History

Hypothetical Etiologies for Instances of Blindness in Painters

Psychological Consequences

Female Painters

Refractive Errors

Female Painters whose Cataracts were operated

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)



Females who became Blind

Index of Names

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