The History of Ophthalmology – The Monographs (2 – part 1&2): The Ophthalmoscope

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This exhaustive work is the only extant documentation on the ophthalmoscope. The authors, Schett (Collector and Curator of the Institute for Medical History in Zurich) and Keeler (the former owner of Keeler Instruments, London, avid collector of ophthalmoscopes, and Curator of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London), present a complete history of the ophthalmoscope since its invention by Helmholtz in 1851.
Hundreds of models from thirteen different countries–including Egypt, Russia, and Turkey–are shown in photographs, sketches, and engravings (wood and steel-cut). In addition to presenting the instruments, the authors point out specifics of the various ophthalmoscopes, the instrument makers, bibliographic references, and biographies of the inventors or alternators of the instruments.
This volume is a must for historians, collectors, and medical museums.

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