People of Vision: The Unique History of Ophthalmology in South Texas

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12 chapters / 71 illustrations / 498 pages / an incredible historic
resource spanning the years 1500-1990 / dedicated to john l. Mathews, m.d.

Development of the ophthalmology specialty in South Texas
Texan, American West, and Mexican history
The influence of the Civil War, World War I and World War II
European influences, especially German (including the German “brain-drain”), Austrian, and Dutch
The personal histories of many famous ophthalmologists including Herff, Atkinson, Burleson, Sykes, Thorne, Dumas, McCurdy, Lee, Byrnes, Mathews, Russell, Schwarting, Sichi, Strughold, Tredici and Weixel
South Texas military history: Brooke Army Hospital, Wilford Hall, Brooks Aerospace Labs
The growth of academic ophthalmology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: National and scientific frontiers: creating an historical perspective

Chapter 2: Spanish imperialism and the start of medical specialization in Europe and America

Chapter 3: Anglo doctors and the role of the military, 1810 – 1850

Chapter 4: Urbanization, Immigration, and the civil war, 1846 – 1865

Chapter 5: The cosmopolitan frontier: proffessional development an dthe influence of Europe, 1865 – 1916

Chapter 6: The first generation of specialists, 1890 – 1914

Chapter 7: World war I and its legacy: aviation research and advances in ophthalmic specialization

Chapter 8: The interwar years: professional development and influences of the great depression, 1919 – 1939

Chapter 9: World war II and the ermerge of a true specialty, 1939 – 1955

Chapter 10: The specialty matures: residency programs and eye banks, 1950 – 1965

Chapter 11: The beginnings of aerospace medicine at San Antonio, 1950 – 1966

Chapter 12: From western frontier to the frontier of medicine: the university of Texas Health Science Center Department of Ophthalmology in San Antonio and the search for new knowledge, 1960 – 1990

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