Glaucoma Medical Therapy

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Now in its third edition, Glaucoma Medical Therapy addresses all aspects of the pharmacology relevant to the management of glaucoma. The book starts with the basic principles of ocular pharmacology, including a detailed review of emerging sustained drug delivery devices and methods. Each medication class is covered in detail, including the novel nitric oxide-donating agents and Rho kinase inhibitors. Other chapters cover the effects of various non-ophthalmic medications and drugs on intraocular pressure, glaucoma therapy during pregnancy and lactation, pediatric glaucoma medical therapy, medication adherence, and adjunctive anti-fibrotic therapy for glaucoma surgery.

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Since the last edition of this book, new medications have been developed and glaucoma medical therapy has evolved substantially. Clinicians need to understand, synthesize, and apply the latest information about these medications to the best advantage of their patients. Currently available glaucoma medications have been approved for clinical use based on their ability to lower intraocular pressure, but these drugs may have other adverse and potentially beneficial effects that are relevant to clinicians. The focus of this book is to provide information about currently available drugs for medical therapy of glaucoma.

This is a peer-edited, multiauthor book, with chapters contributed by experts in the field of glaucoma. The contributors have provided evidence-based information and offered their perspectives from clinical experience as well as their own clinical and basic research experience. The book is intended to provide information about glaucoma medical therapy for practicing clinicians and clinicians in training as well as basic scientists with an interest in clinical ophthalmology.

In the third edition of this book, all chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated, and new chapters have been added regarding Rho kinase inhibitors, prescribed systemic drugs and other drugs that affect intraocular pressure, glaucoma therapy in pregnancy and lactation, medications used in pediatric patients, and adjunctive antifibrotic therapy for glaucoma surgery. Some chapters have required addition of extensive new material because of the changes in medical therapy of glaucoma since the publication of the second edition of the book in 2008. This has been a shared labor of love and we take great pleasure in having prepared a truly collaborative third edition of this book.

Peter A. Netland and Angelo P. Tanna, 2020

Preface to third edition



Preface to second edition

Preface to first edition

1. Ocular Pharmacology
Simon K. Law, David A. Lee

2. Prostaglandin Analogs Angelo
P. Tanna, Robert N. Weinreb

Albert S. Khouri, Robert D. Fechtner

4. Adrenergic Agents
Elliott M. Kanner, Tina Marie S. Roa, Peter A. Netland

5. Cholinergic Drugs
B’ann True Gabelt, Paul L. Kaufman

6. Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Eve J. Higginbotham, Dominique Alexis

7. Rho Kinase Inhibitors
Angelo P. Tanna, John R. Samples, Kyla Teramoto

8. Fixed Combination Drugs
Robert D. Fechtner, Albert S. Khouri, Tony Realini

9. Osmotic Drugs
Peter A. Netland

10. Prescribed Systemic Drugs and Intraocular Pressure
Jason Zhang, Peter A. Netland

11. Nonprescribed Systemic Drugs and Therapies
Jason Zhang, Peter A. Netland

12. Initial Medical Treatment
Brian Florek, Nauman R. Imami

13. Adjunctive Medical Therapy
Ira A. Perszyk, Lisa S. Gamell, Malik Y. Kahook, Joel S. Schuman

14. Special Therapeutic Situations
Yaniv Barkana, Robert Ritch, Jeffrey M. Liebmann

15. Glaucoma Therapy in Pregnancy and Lactation
Aurora DeOliveira, Teresa C. Chen

16. Glaucoma Medical Therapy in Pediatric Patients
Jason Zhang, Elliott M. Kanner, Peter A. Netland

17. Adherence with Ocular Pharmacotherapy
Chengjie Zheng, Ian Pitha, Henry D. Jampel

18. Adjunctive Antifibrotic Therapy for Glaucoma Surgery
Thomas V. Johnson, Angelo P. Tanna

19. From Medical to Surgical Therapy
Robert N. Weinreb, Andrew S. Camp

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