WGA Consensus Series: Childhood Glaucoma Compendium

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Glaucoma in children is a potentially disabling disease: early diagnosis and treatment can minimize the visual impairment. The assessment and treatment of a child with glaucoma can be challenging and there is a need for standardization for diagnosis and treatment of these children.

The World Glaucoma Association Consensus Series 9 represents a collected wisdom from experienced pediatric glaucoma practitioners worldwide. Most, if not all of the contributors in this Consensus, are members of the worldwide collaboration of pediatric glaucoma specialist: Childhood Glaucoma Research Network (CGRN).

The purpose of this publication is to collect in a visual and practical format useful content from the Consensus Series 9 book. The algorithms here represent a reasonable approach to the classification, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood glaucoma. This is not an attempt to establish a standard of care, rather the “roadmaps” in this book are reasonable guidelines to assist the physician who finds themselves in the situation of caring for a child with glaucoma.

It is our hope this abbreviation of the Consensus Series 9 on Childhood Glaucoma will be of value to you in the long road of your care of these small and precious patients.


CGRN Definition Childhood Glaucoma

CGRN Definition Childhood Glaucoma Suspect

Childhood Glaucoma Classification Overview

Glaucoma associated with non-acquired ocular anomalies

Childhood Glaucoma Classification Algorithm

Glaucoma associated with non-acquired systemic disease or syndrome

Glaucoma associated with acquired condition

Differential diagnosis of primary congenital glaucoma in infancy

Approach to evaluation: Exam under anesthesia

Examination under anesthesia: data & instrumentation

Genetic Assessment

Case scenario 1

Case scenario 2

Case scenario 3

Treatment algorithms:
• Primary congenital glaucoma
• Glaucoma & non-acquired ocular anomalies
• Glaucoma & non-acquired systemic disease
• Glaucoma & acquired condition
• Glaucoma following cataract surgery

Summary of surgery

Surgical techniques: indications, advantages and disadvantages

EUA axial length graph by age (linear)

Axial length graph by age (log)

Childhood Glaucoma • Consensus Series-9

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