Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery: An Update

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Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery. June 3-7, 2012, Nagasaki, Japan.

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It was indeed a great pleasure and honor for me to have hosted the 9th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery in Nagasaki, Japan. There were 558 participants; four full-day programs provided them with rich scientific programs including six keynote lectures, seven symposia, 26 panel discussions, 12 mini lectures on recent topics, 23 instruction courses, two live cadaver temporal-bone dissections, three sponsored sessions, three other sessions, and three days of temporal-bone dissection courses. I would like to take this opportunity to express my greatest gratitude to all the faculties who contributed enormously to these scientific programs only to facilitate and improve the academic quality of all the participants. We also thank all the staff members who worked relentlessly for several years to help make this Conference a success, and the participants who took part in the Conference. I hope that the Conference was really fruitful to everybody.

It has been a tradition to publish paper proceedings after each International Conference on Cholesteatoma and this is the first time the proceedings were published as e-book on the website of the Conference. The advantages of this e-book are that it is of high quality, and any article can be downloaded by participants for free. It will be usable on multiple devices: computer/laptop, tablet PCs (iPad), iPhone, e-readers, etc. It is fully searchable and has easy navigation. If you want a copy (paper book) Kugler Publications can also provide POD (Publishing on Demand) copies for a reasonable price. The e-book will be kept open on the web at least until the next Cholesteatoma Conference.

I hope that you will enjoy this e-book as much as the traditional paper proceedings, and that it will stimulate scientific and academic accomplishments of all of you.

Finally, I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you at the 10th Conference in Edinburgh in 2016!

Haruo Takahashi, MD

Haruo Takahashi

Keynote Lectures

Preventive measures against cholesteatoma recurrence in canal-wall-up tympanoplasty: staging the operation and choice of mastoid obliteration
Naoaki Yanagihara, Jun Hyodo, Masahiro Komori, Yasuyuki Hinohira

Management strategy for chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma in 2012
Bruce J. Gantz, Marlan Hansen, Paul Walker, Sara Mowry


Epidemiological study on cholesteatoma in Fukuoka City to reveal the pathogenesis of cholesteatoma
Shumei Shibata

The role of the mastoid in middle ear pressure regulation
Michael Gaihede, Olivier Cros, Simona Padurariu

Middle ear pressure neural feedback control
Michael Gaihede

Evaluation of endolymphatic hydrops on magnetic resonance imaging in patients with otosclerosis
Tsutomu Nakashima, Tohru Mukaida, Tadao Yoshida, Masaaki Teranishi, Michihiko Sone, Shinji Naganawa

Cholesteatoma growth and proliferation: Expression of HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor) and its high-affinity receptor C-MET
Katsumi Doi

Regulating osteoclasts for the maintenance of auditory ossicular morphology, the middle ear and hearing
Sho Kanzaki, Kaoru Ogawa, Koichi Matsuo

Surgical treatments for patulous Eustachian tube: Autologous fat grafting and artificial Eustachian tube
Masahiro Morita, Masatsugu Masuda

Long-term Eustachian tube dysfunction in post-radiotherapy nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
Wong Kein Low, Mahalakshmi Rangabashyam

Panel Discussions

Tympanoplasty with soft posterior meatal wall reconstruction: Changing the way of thinking for prevention of retraction pocket recurrence
Hiroshi Hosoi

Methods for prevention of recurrent cholesteatoma
Maurizio Barbara, Luigi Volpini, Martina Romeo, Isotta Musy

CWU, CWD – Reconstruction or obliteration? Canal-wall-down mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma
Mohan Kameswaran, Raghunandhan Sampath

Evaluation of middle ear pneumatization after planned two-staged tympanoplasty for cholesteatoma: its correlations with hearing results and recurrence rates
Katsumi Doi, Takahito Fukusumi, Yasuhiro Osaki, Toshimichi Yasui, Taro Hasegawa, Tetsuo Morihana, Yumi Ohta

How to deal with cholesteatoma in a developing country. Will the canal-wall-up (CWU) technique provide an opportunity to control the disease?
Dritan Vasili, Pjerin Radovani, Krenar Preza

Facial-nerve tumor combined with cholesteatoma
Kazuo Ishikawa, Eigo Omi, Teruyuki Sato, Kohei Honda, Shinsuke Suzuki

A proposal on the classification system of aural cholesteatoma in Korea
Hyung-Jong Kim

Advocating the use of the term eosinophilic otitis media (EOM)
Sachiko Tomioka-Matsutani

Eosinophilic rhinosinusitis and otitis media in patients with asthma – focus on eosinophilic nasal polyposis
Masami Taniguchi, Noritaka Higashi, Toyota Ishii

From retraction pockets into early-stage cholesteatoma: pathogenesis and management
Ibrahim Hizalan

On-demand surgical technique for cholesteatoma: attic exposition antrum exclusion
Manuel Manrique, Raquel Manrique, Ignacio Sanhueza

Use of cartilage in tympanoplasty
Timothy T.K. Jung

Treatment of cholesteatoma-induced labyrinthine fistula
Maurizio Barbara, Carlo Iacolucci, Francesca Atturo, Maria Giovanna Bucci

Efficacy of 3D FLAIR MRI findings in evaluating cholesteatoma with labyrinthine fistulae
Michihiko Sone, Tadao Yoshida, Tsutomu Nakashima

Stapes surgery and cochlear implant surgery for severe otosclerosis
Katsumi Doi, Mitsuo Sato, Mie Miyashita, Kazuya Saito, Michio Isono, Kyoichi Terao, Izumi Koizuka, Yumi Ohta

Treatment of severe otosclerosis: Cochlear implantation, stapedotomy, and other options
Hiromi Ueda, Hajime Hirayama, Mayuko Kishimoto

Bilateral congenital aural atresia: surgical reconstruction vs. Baha implantation
Martin A. Fernandez

Facial paralysis in chronic otitis media
Dragoslava Djeric

Factors influencing hearing after type-III tympanoplasty using columella
Yuji Kanazawa, Yasushi Naito, Keizo Fujiwara, Masahiro Kikuchi, Shogo Shinihara

Outcome of radical surgery and post-operative radiotherapy for squamous carcinoma of the temporal bone
David A. Moffat

Surgical management of T1 and T2 lesions with outcomes
Takashi Nakagawa, Takayuki Sueta, Kazuki Nabeshima

Congenital cholesteatoma: Radiologic evaluation and personal experience
S. Armaan Incesulu

Surgical management of petrous apex cholesteatoma: Our experience of 15 cases
Katsumi Doi, Mitsuo Sato, Mie Miyashita, Kazuya Saito, Michio Isono, Kyoichi Terao, Akihiro Sanada, Amami Kato

Congenital cholesteatoma of the middle ear: A report of 54 cases
Katsumi Doi, Mitsuo Sato, Mie Miyashita, Kazuya Saito, Michio Isono, Kyoichi Terao, Yasuhiro Osaki, Tetsuo Morihana, Yumi Ohta

The influence of middle ear infections on characteristics of congenital cholesteatoma
Takao Yabe, Uta Inoue, Yuka Nakamura

Mini Lectures

Conservative treatment of cholesteatoma by 5-FU ointment
Tomomi Yamamoto-Fukuda, Haruo Takahashi

Cochlear implants and music
Takayuki Nakata

Gruppo Otologico Session

Subtotal petrosectomy in middle-ear and lateral skull-base surgery
Filippo Di Lella, Maurizio Falcioni

EAONO Session

Definition of mastoid surgical terms. The eaono session: eaono guideline studies on cholesteatoma
S. Armagan Incesulu

Instruction Courses

Tympanoplasty that works best
Timothy T.K. Jung

Intact canal wall tympanomastoidectomy for cholesteatoma: Technical tips, traps, pitfalls and results
David A. Moffat

Middle-ear cleft gas deficit disease to middle-ear cleft acquired cholesteatoma: pathogenesis-oriented management
B. Ars

Technique to simplify myringoplasty
Yu Yuasa

Endoscopic surgery and its various options
Hideo Edamatsu, Mamiko Yasuda, Koji Matsushima, Kota Wada, Toshihito Suda

MRI evaluation of middle-ear pathologies
Takao Kodama

Politzer Prize and JOS Prize Session

Mechanism of bone destruction in cholesteatoma
Yoshiki Ohnishi, Issaku Murakami, Takashi Nakagawa

SRF and Ki-67 expression in acquired cholesteatoma, external auditory canal skin and thoracic skin
Marc Vander Ghinst, Sarah Gilis, Myriam Remmelink, Sergio Hassid, Georges Choufani

The role of Jak-stat signaling pathway in cholesteatoma: an immunohistochemical assay
Görkem Eskiizmir, H. Seda Vatansever, Erdogan Özgür, Asim Aslan, Derya Gözüaçik, M. Kemal Özbilgin, Cemal Cingi

Sponsored Seminar

Cone-beam CT images of a scutum defect as a tool for pre-operative assessments
Masahiro Komori

Free Papers

Pre-operative middle-ear aeration predicting long-term aeration in staged canal-up tympanoplasty
Masahiro Komori, Naoaki Yanagihara, Yasuyuki Hinohira, Ryosei Minoda

Open technique – indications and results
Yasuomi Kunimoto, Giulio Sequino, Abdelkader Taibah, Mario Sanna

Functional surgery for pediatric cholesteatoma: A 25-year longitudinal study
Chin-Lung Kuo, An-Suey Shiao, Wen-Huei Liao, Chiang-Feng Lien

Cholesteatoma in children: Clinical particularities and therapeutic outcomes of 57 cases
M. Benzamit, N. Djarmouni, I. Meguellati, R. Adjissa, B. Khababa, L. Allouche, D. Benmessahel, M. Bouache, Y. Aguida

Clinical characters of patients with external auditory canal cholesteatoma surgery
Kuniyuki Takahashi, Yutaka Yamamoto, Shinsuke Ohshima, Yuka Morita, and Sugata Takahashi

Application of computed tomography scan fusion with diffusion-weighted echo-planner magnetic resonance imaging for cholesteatoma in children
Hiroko Monobe, Hitoshi Tojima, Kotaro Nakajima

Intra-tympanic dexamethasone injections: Are they effective for long-term control of vertigo?
A.S. Behery, F.A. Erfan, A.M. Hamad

A case of hyperpneumatization of the temporal bone presenting with vertigo
Yoko Ohta, Mamoru Suzuki, Koji Otsuka, Yasuo Ogawa

Congenital cholesteatoma among school-age children in hearing screening program
Piotr H. Skarzynski, Krzysztof Kochanek, Henryk Skarzynski, Anna Piotrowska, Lukasz Olszewski, Wieslaw W. Jedrzejczak, Lukasz Bruski, Bozena Skarzynska

Type-IV tympanoplasty for patients with severed tensor tympani tendon during cholesteatoma surgery
Takehisa Saito, Takechiyo Yamada, Norihiko Narita, Hideyuki Yamamoto, Masafumi Sakashita, Seita Kubo, Dai Suzuki, Kazuhiro Ogi, Masafumi Kanno, Shigeharu Fujieda

Ossiculoplasty of small crus longum defects with bone cement
Jacob Tauris, Chris L. Jacobsen, Kjell Tveterås, Michael Gaihede

Dilemma in the management of massive petrous apex cholesteatomas
Masashi Hamada, Kyoko Odagiri, Masahiro Iida, Hiroaki Nakatani

Reconstruction of the incudostapedial joint after removal of cholesteatoma
Piotr H. Skarzynski, Marek Porowski, Maciej Mrowka, Magdalena B. Skarzynska, Roman Barylyak, Monika Matusiak, Henryk Skarzynski

Clinical investigation of ossicular anomalies
Taro Inagaki, Mamoru Suzuki, Atsushi Kawano, Nobuhiro Nishiyama, Sachie Kawaguchi

How we correct tubal dysfunction
Myroslav B. Kruk, Myroslav M. Kruk

Localization and detection of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in human middle-ear cholesteatomas: Possible relation to nitric oxide production and inflammatory bone absorption activities
Marin Miyasato, Sachio Takeno, Takayuki Taruya, Katsuhiro Hirakawa, Takashi Ishino, Keishin Goh

Experience with the vibrant sound bridge implant, indications and results
Jorge de Abajo, Ignacio Sanhueza, Laura Giron, Manuel Manrique

Vibrant soundbridge middle-ear implants – long-term outcomes
Eu Chin Ho, Peter Monksfield, Huw Cooper, Richard Irving

Implantable Hearing Aids: Candidacy considerations in pediatric cholesteatoma
Adrian L James, Sharon Cushing, Blake C Papsin

Incidence of middle-ear cholesteatoma with analysis of its locations, extensions, and complications from 1993 to 2009
Suzan Al Kole, Peter Florentin Nieland, Morten Søvsø, Kjell Tveterås, Michael Gaihede

Reconstruction of the temporal bone with bone-morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2)
Akira Sugimoto, Natsumi Sakamoto, Kana Matsushima, Naoko Kikkawa, Heizaburo Yamamoto, Kouichi Kobayashi, Yoshitaka Okamoto

The effect of tympanostomy tubes on tympanic membrane retraction in children with cleft palate
Adrian L. James, Bradley J. Hubbard, Blake C. Papsin, Sharon Cushing

Cholesteatoma in children with cleft palate – does routinary tympanostomy make any difference?
Martin A. Fernandez

Long-palva-obliteration technique in cholesteatoma surgery: Results of a new technique
Mohammad-Taghi Khorsandi-Ashtiani, Ali Kouhi

The role of cholesteatoma on the bone conduction thresholds in chronic suppurative otitis media
Ahmad Dian Wahyudiono, Sujut Winartoyo, Viera Wardhani, Edi Handoko

Post-operative long-term hearing results in patients who underwent ossiculoplasties
Kazuya Saito, Michio Isono, Mie Miyashita, Mitsuo Sato, Katumi Doi

The anterior endoscopic transnasal approach to petrous apex lesions
Mohamed M.K. Badr-El-Dine, Ahmad Aly Ibrahim

Approaches to cholesteatoma with an intact ossicular chain: Combined use of microscope, endoscope and laser
Adrian L. James

Predictive factors influencing hearing preservation after removal of acoustic tumors using middle fossa approach
Jeong-Hoon Oh, Woo-Jin Kim, Ki-Hong Chang

Cholesteatoma surgery, the endaural approach. Wall-down technique with obliteration of paratympanic spaces
S. Kosyakov, V. Korshok, A. Kurlova

Reconstruction of bony ear canal wall in surgery for cholesteatoma
Makito Tanabe, Etsuo Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Oiki, Yoichi Hasegawa

No more mastoid cavities – obliterate them all
R. Kayarkar

A comparison between neural response telemetry via cochleostomy or the round window approach in cochlear implantation
Rogério Hamerschmidt, Luiz Henrique Schuch, Rodrigo Kopp Rezende, Gislaine Richter Minhoto Wiemes, Adriana Kosma Pires de Oliveira, Marcos Mocellin

Transmeatal approach and the optimal device for minimal invasive surgery
Taeko Okuno, Yu Matsumoto, Yasuya Nomura, Yuko Hata, Nobuhiko Kurita, Yasutaka Kojima, Mayako Kuwauchi

Anatomical measurement of the facial recess and the round window membrane using cone-beam computed tomography
Takahiro Nakashima, Tetsuya Tono, Keiji Matsuda, Minoru Takagi, Tamon Hayashi, Yutaka Hanamure

Prevention of recurrent cholesteatoma: exclusion techniques using titanium sheeting
Bruce Black

HRCT-based prediction for cochlear implant outcomes of cases with inner ear and internal auditory canal malformations
Hiroshi Yamazaki, Sho Koyasu, Saburo Moroto, Rinko Yamamoto, Tomoko Yamazaki, Keizo Fujiwara, Kyo Itoh, Yasushi Naito

Poster Sessions

A case of cholesteatoma occurring after cochlear implantation
Yumi Ohta, Takayuki Kawashima, Taro Hasegawa, Atsuhiko Uno, Takao Imai, Tetsuo Morihana, Kayoko Higashi-Shingai, Takefumi Kamakura, Keiko Suwa, Masami Hanamoto, Takahiro Michiba, Katsumi Doi, Hidenori Inohara

The case of congenital cholesteatoma that spontaneously cured during observation
Kazuma Sugahara, Hiroaki Shimogori, Hiroshi Yamashita

Congenital middle-ear cholesteatoma in children: A retrospective review
Takeshi Fujita, Shingo Hasegawa, Daisuke Yamashita, Ken-ichi Nibu

A case of congenital cholesteatoma with anterior semicircular canal fistula
Ryo Ikoma, Sayaka Sakane, Kazutomo Niwa, Sayaka Kanetaka, Yasunori Sakuma, Masahiro Takahashi

An unusual iatrogenic cholesteatoma of the external auditory canal: A case report
Evren Erkul, Engin Cekin, Murat Salihoglu, Enver Cesmeci

Semicircular canal fistula with middle-ear cholesteatoma: Report of 24 cases
Takamichi Matsui, Hiroshi Ogawa, Yukio Nomoto, Mitsuyoshi Imaizumi, Koichi Omori

Hearing impairment in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
Masako Masuda

Clinical features of cholesteatoma with labyrinthine fistulae
Masafumi Ohki, Shigeru Kikuchi, Atsushi Ohata, Takeshi Tsutsumi, Sunao Tanaka, Atsushi Tahara, Yuka Baba, Shinji Urata, Jyunichi Ishikawa

Pre-operative evaluation of petrous bone cholesteatoma by three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction images from CT
Minoru Hara, Haruo Takahashi

Rate of chronic suppurative otitis media in an otolaryngology clinic of a Turkish military hospital
Engin Cekin, Evren Erkul, Halil Caliskan, Murat Salihoglu

Modified Burow’s solution is effective on refractory otorrhea
Osamu Jinnouchi, Noriaki Takeda

A case of secondary acquired cholesteatoma with carcinoid tumor of the middle ear
Naoko Sakuma, Masahiro Takahashi, Masanori Komatsu, Daisuke Sano, Yasuhiro Arai, Hideki Matsuda

Epidural abscess due to foreign body insertion into the external auditory canal in autism
Risa Tona, Yasushi Naito, Keizo Fujiwara, Shogo Shinohara, Masahiro Kikuchi, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Ippei Kishimoto, Hiroyuki Harada

A case of brain abscess secondary to middle-ear cholesteatoma
Yasuhiro Arai, Masahiro Takahashi, Naoko Sakuma, Daisuke Sano, Hideaki Takahashi, Hideki Matsuda

Regeneration of mastoid cavity using Polyglycolic acid sheets
Takayuki Kawashima, Yumi Ohta, Taro Hasegawa, Hironori Takebayashi, Takahiro Kitamura, Emi Maeda, Osamu Senba, Hidenori Inohara

Reduction in the rate of re-perforation rate after simple underlay myringoplasty by using fibrin glue
Yasuhiro Manabe, Kazuhiro Ogi, Yukihiro Kimura, Takehisa Saito, Shigeharu Fujieda

Chronic inflammatory lesion of temporal bone involving inner ear with multiple ocular muscles palsy
Kyu Hwan Jung, Jun Man Joo, Moo Jin Baek

Post-operative condition following canal-wall-up tympanoplasty for pars flaccida cholesteatoma
Keiji Matsuda, Tetsuya Tono, Shinya Sato, Haruka Nakanishi, Takashi Goto, Hidekazu Naono, Shinji Fukudome, Tamotsu Morimitsu

Mastoid cavity obliteration with Palva flap and bone paté
Samad R. Ghiasi

The effectiveness of tympanic attic obliteration to prevent a post-operative retraction pocket
H. Shimogori, K. Sugahara, H. Yamashita

Results of canal wall down tympanoplasty with soft-wall reconstruction for cholesteatoma
Seiichi Shinden, Koji Sakamoto, Fumihiro Ito, Takeyuki Kono, Takanori Nishiyama, Kaoru Ogawa

Long-term results and prognostic factor in single-stage tympanoplasty
Ken Hayashi, Hidenaga Yamamoto, Yuya Narui, Yang Tau, Atsushi Shinkawa

Effectiveness of cartilage tympanoplasty after erosion of the incus in children with cholesteatoma,
Thileeban Kandasamy, Adrian L. James, Blake C. Papsin, Sharon L. Cushing

Repair of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea from defect of middle cranial fossa
Sung Hyun Boo, Chi-Sung Han

Relationships between the levels of metylmalonic acid, vitamin B12, hearing loss and tinnitus in subjects with acoustic trauma
Bilal Cetin, Omer Saglam, Engin Dursun, Ugur Karapinar

Psychological status of patients with patulous eustachian tube
Momoko Ise, Ryosei Minoda, Eiji Yumoto

An adult case of perilymph gusher caused by head contusion
Takeshi Matsunobu, Daisuke Kamide, Atsushi Tamura, Takaomi Kurioka, Katsuki Niwa, Yuya Tanaka, Masayuki Tomifuji, Akihiro Shiotani

Chorda tympani nerve repair with a polyglycolic acid-collagen tube in cholesteatoma surgery
Toshiaki Yamanaka, Takayuki Murai, Takehiko Kobayashi, Hideyuki Okamoto, Hiroshi Hosoi, Yuji Inada, Tatsuo Nakamura

Clinical observations in 20 cases of post-inflammatory medial meatal fibrosis
Takashi Goto, Tetsuya Tono, Keiji Matsuda

Clinical analysis of carcinoma of the external and middle ear
Nimpei Yamaguchi, Ken-ichi Kaneko, Shinya Jinnouchi, Kotaro Ishimaru, Noriyuki Sakihama, Haruo Takahashi

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