Ear, Nose and Throat Mirrored in Medicine and Arts

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Sibylle Brosch and Wolfgang Pirsig
Singing and Voice in Visual Art of Ancient Greece

Sue Weir
Caricatures in Ent in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century England

Albert Mudry
Politzer and the Arts

Egbert H. Huizing
Haydn’s Nose: A Post-Mortem Detective in Six Acts

John Riddington Young
Syphilis and Poetry

Wolfgang Pirsig and John D. C. Bennett
Neck Lesions Depicted in Ancient Greek Visual Art

Dafydd Stephens
Ent Healing Traditions of the Celtic Saints

Brian K. Reilly, Daniel Stool and James S. Reilly
A Tale of Two Cities – London and Philadelphia
A Tribute To Professor Sylvan E. Stool

Jacques Willemot
Some Medals and Plaques as Souvenirs of Otorhinolaryngology

Arnoud R.A.M. Pot
Ent Expressions

John Kirkup
Surgical Instruments: Historical Aspects of Materials, Technology and Craftsmen’s Skill

Neil Weir
The Yellow Rolls Royce Syndrome Or Nuciform Sacs in Ent

Raymond Clarke
Irish Literary Otolaryngologists

Robert J. Ruben

The History of Visual and Tactile Linguistics

John Kelsey
Otorhinolaryngology and Medicine On Postage Stamps

Jacques Tainmont
The Links Between the Origin of Ent Anatomical Language and Ancient Armies
(As Seen in the Trajan Column)


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