Globe Trotting and 62 Years of ENT

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This is a remarkable tale, the life and times of a truly larger-than life character. From his humble origins in 1930s India, we watch him growing up under the Raj, experience the tribulations of Independence and see his entry into medical training. We learn so much of the traditions of early 1960s India, ranging from the nepotism of medical staffing appointments to the customs of marriage. The story then develops at a remarkable pace, following his move to the UK to further his career.

The many overseas clinicians were then the backbone of the NHS, but their generation was largely denied the top posts. However, Vasant Oswal, by 1970, had been appointed consultant ENT surgeon
to Middlesbrough. Many of the challenges he then faced, particularly in undertaking Head and Neck surgery in the ENT department will be so familiar to his peers and seem so extraordinary
to the current generation.

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