Evidence Based Medicine – what it should be, but is not: A non-systematic review on how we ended up tyrannized

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This booklet challenges the current dogmatic approach to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), dominated by randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses. Highlighting concerns voiced by experts like Epstein, Charlton, and Miles, it argues for the need to balance literature assessment with medical knowledge and clinical judgment. Through insightful quotes and critical analysis, it presents a compelling case for revisiting and reforming EBM practices. Discover the other side of the coin and join the call for a more balanced and comprehensive approach to medical education and practice.


EBM; what it should be, but is not
1. What is evidence?
2. Uncertainty
3. Epidemiology
4. Outcomes Movement
5. EBM
6. EBM, a nicely framed concept
7. EBM not a new paradigm
8. Criticisms of EBM
9. EBM and medical practice, what they are and are not
10. Applying evidence
11. Ever changing meaning and explanation of the concept
12. EBM has never been tested in the way it should have been
13. What does a doctor-patient relation look like?
14. Public Health versus individual care
15. A hierarchy of evidence does not exist
16. Research and practice
17. Reasoning about evidence
18. Not everything can, must, or will be studied
19. Only looking at RCTs will not work
20. Proper use
21. Misuse
22. How it should be?
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